More focus on the customer

Customer focus in everything we do

Building strong relationships with selected customers and translating customer needs into value-creating solutions are key to Cargotec’s global operations.

We took several steps to enhance customer focus and create synergies through customer segmentation in 2011. The three customer segments chosen for close customer work were container terminals, merchant shipping and offshore. Read more

More expansion in services

The road to market leadership

Cargotec develops services that are in line with the customer’s value chain. Our long-term goal is to be recognised as the market leader in innovation-led service delivery and knowledge-based solutions.

In 2011, we continued to expand our service network and to support customers who outsourced their service operations. Read more

More presence in emerging markets

Grasping new opportunities

Emerging markets are a cornerstone of growth for Cargotec. In these markets, Cargotec is developing its business through acquisitions, partnerships and organic growth.

Our main advances included partnerships in China, most notably the planned joint venture Rainbow-Cargotec Industries Co Ltd, with which we aim to reach a leading position in heavy cranes. Read more

More internal clarity

Efficient, harmonised processes

The design and implementation of Cargotec’s key business and support processes continued during 2011.

To support common processes, we began building a joint business system platform, which will be a major development effort over the next few years. Improved project management culture based on Cargotec project model was another step forward. Read more